H. Crowther Ltd was established in High Road, Chiswick as a working foundry in 1908, where it remains unchanged to this day.

Henry Crowther, the founder, had a good knowledge of 18th century lead garden ornament, learned from his father’s, Tom Crowther’s, antique garden ornament business founded in the 1880s. (See picture below.) Tom’s background was as an accomplished stone and marble mason, his first exhibition in 1914 at the Chelsea Flower show, winning him a gold medal. With his background and knowledge, Henry opened the ornamental lead foundry in Chiswick in 1908. Being on good terms with his father, this link provided unlimited access to the fine, original sculptural works passing through his father's hands, enabling him to loan, copy and add to his range. The demise of large country homes at that time provided these examples in abundance.